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  • Is Century Clinics affiliated with Medicare?
    Century Clinics (NPI License# 1225776875), is a clinical laboratory located in Addison, IL and is NOT affiliated with the Federal Medicare Program. We are an independent healthcare provider participating in the Medicare initiative to provide up to 8 At-Home Covid-19 tests at no cost to Medicare recipients across the nation. All services are provided without cost and without obligation. Century Clinics is paid directly by the Medicare plan upon successful validation of Medicare information submitted to us. All personal health information submitted to us is protected by HIPAA. For more information about the Free At-Home COVID-19 test Medicare Initiative, please visit the website:
  • How are these tests provided for FREE?
    Century Clinics is a healthcare provider participating in the Federal Medicare initiative providing up to 8 At-Home COVID-19 self-tests per calendar month at no cost to you. We bill the Medicare program on your behalf and ship these tests to your mailbox at no cost. The details of this initiative can be found on the website here:

Frequently Asked Questions

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